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Roseanette NavARRO

Since she was a little girl, Roseanette has known she would one day work with things of beauty. Even back then she was drawn to glamourous décor, with her room standing out among the rest. Without hesitation, at age 16, Roseanette started her lifelong dream and began working with Ralph Lauren. She worked for RL the summers of her high school education until she graduated and continued her studies at UCLA, where she focused on Interior Decorating. It was there that her passion bloomed, and she returned to Ralph Lauren working with his Home Collection. With the ability to work with such a phenomenal team and designer, Roseanette perfected her contemporary eye. It was there that she also began establishing her clientele base.

It wasn’t until 1991 that Roseanette left Ralph Lauren and started her own Business. She hasn’t stopped designing since. She continues to create and design homes, restaurants/bars and offices with her modern touch. She stays away from the extremes of stuffy and uptight or sloppy and unorderly. Her clients revel in the romance that each room taunts with details. Roseanette thrives when given the task of creating a beautiful space. A space that you can call your own. A space that you are excited show, whether it be to host a girl’s night or a romantic date with your significant other. A space that you can relax and forget your worries. No matter the project, Roseanette Interior Designs strives to make your space exactly what you are looking for.


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